How to install the latest JAVA without the ASK toolbar

I really need to share this!

For a long time now, I have been angry with Oracle because of the ASK toolbar add beeing added to your computer when installing JAVA. I know that you can just disable the toolbar when installing, but I see a lot of friends when installing JAVA, they doen’t know hos to disable the ASK toolbar so they just get it installed.

I can’t understand why it has to be selected, and you need to deselect instead of the other way around.

BUT – now I have found that if you manually download the install files, the addware is not in the installfiles.
all java donwloads

I hope this can help others keep out the ASK toolbar addware.

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2 Responses to How to install the latest JAVA without the ASK toolbar

  1. This helped me a lot, removing the crazy ASK toolbar.
    But, still many of the people I know do not see the checkbox.

  2. That I will do in the future. Thank you for the advice.

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